Ice Is Out For the Season

November 2023 Newsletter


The Month In A Glance

  • 12u B v Helena 3 & 5
  • BSHS v Glasgow 4
  • MTHS v Flathead 4
  • 12u A v Helena 5
  • HS Tournament 10-12


Director's note

Ice Community, 

As most of you know, voters in the Billings Community had the opportunity to vote for a $143 million bond in recent weeks. This bond included a Multi-Generational Recreation Center that would house two sheets of ice. The bond would have also provided much needed upgrades to our parks and trails. Last night we learned that this bond did not pass. Through this campaign we have had the opportunity to develop relationships with so many great individuals and organizations in the community and our hearts go out to everyone who worked so hard in hopes of bettering our city. Your hard work on our behalf is something we
will not forget.

No one understands the need for new ice in Billings quite like we do, and we are disappointed at this setback. Rest assured that we will not let our disappointment stop us from pushing ahead. Our Board of Directors and our Staff are committed to new ice and will keep you informed as we develop a new plan to provide our ice community with what they deserve.

-Megan Davis


This month’s Spotlight is on Coaching Director, Derek Waddoups. Derek is an extreme asset to our leadership team and has done amazing things to unify our coaching staff and help develop collaboration between age groups. Derek is also the Head Baseball Coach at MSU-B, a role that gives him the skill sets needed to lead our coaches here at BAHL. Derek’s dedication to our program, our players, our coaches, and our leadership team has had an immeasurable impact already. His belief in servant leadership shows through in the work he does every day and we are all thankful to not only walk alongside him through this time of transformation in our program, but to also learn from him along the way.

Global Day of Giving

Global Day of Giving is November 28th, followed by National Giving Month during the entire month of December. Last year our community was able to raise over $30,000 during this event and the funds played a key role is the ability to provide necessary maintenance to our refrigeration system. These maintenance projects are something that needs to be done annually and the cots associated with them increase each year, which makes the continued success of this fundraiser just as important now as it was last year. Help us kick things off by making a donation on November 28th and share the opportunity with your friends and family. Our mission to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment begins with a properly functioning facility and we can’t do it without you!

Health & Wellness

Strong mental Health is extremely important for youth athletes. Trying to balance sports, school work and life at such a young age can be challenging. We ask youth athletes to spend the majority of their day at school and then leave school and balance the time they have after doing homework and making it to sports practices and games. On top of their busy weekdays they have games/ tournaments on the weekends then they have to find time to spend with family and friends. This is a lot to ask of kids, and causes many of them to struggle with anxiety and even depression. As parents, coaches, and support staff we can help youth athletes by giving them good examples on how to balance time, help them realize what their top priorities are, give them support when needed, educate them on mental health and make sure they know they have a safe place. Athletes, if you or one of your teamates is struggling reach out to a parent, coach or support staff, there are people here to help. Lean on your teammates and make sure you are checking in with them.

Strategic Plan

We are excited to share with you the Centennial Ice Arena Strategic Priorities adopted by the Board of Directors. Please see below for an overview of the priorities identified by the Committee. These priorities were cultivated through our user and community assessments and with the entire ice community in mind. More detailed information about our vision for the future and how we intent to accomplish our goals will be available on our website soon.

Thank you to the Strategic Planning Committee for the countless hours of dedication you have given to propelling our organization forward.


Committee Members:

Monica Anderson
Megan Davis
Kenzie Reiners
Mark Goldy
Waverly Huston
Desarae Detling
Dan Stetler
Todd Porter

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